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    Wholesale Pharmaceutical Products

    As an independent pharmaceutical wholesaler, Nationwide Medical / Surgical offers a complete line of prescription drugs, including controlled substances schedules II - V. We are also a wholesale distributor of flu vaccines, including adult and pediatric flu vaccines.

    In addition to wholesale prescription drugs, Nationwide Medical/Surgical also offers medical supplies.

    Because of our ongoing relationships with pharmaceutical companies, we can fill any special order request for prescription drugs, either brand name or generic, to meet your specific needs.

    Reliable Order Fulfillment

    By providing reliable service and maintaining high standards, the entire team at Nationwide Medical takes our customers' needs seriously.

    In this unpredictable marketplace, you can rely on our sales team to communicate changing customer needs to our procurement specialists, who work with an extensive network of pharmaceutical companies regularly. They stay on top of pharmaceutical supply chain conditions, and respond continuously to maintain our ability to procure and distribute a high volume of products at competitive prices.

    We are known for offering a consistent supply of prescription medications and medical supplies in an unpredictable market.

    Flu Vaccine Production

    A phased approach to flu vaccine production begins as early as six to nine months before the vaccine is distributed. Even though production starts early, it is impossible to finish the entire production/distribution process before vaccination season begins. This is particularly true because of the large number of doses that are produced each year. Distribution of the flu vaccine takes place over a number of months, beginning in late summer and ending in late November or early December.

    Wholesale Flu Vaccine

    At Nationwide Medical/Surgical, we work closely with the manufacturers to distribute wholesale flu vaccine to as many providers as possible, particularly those who serve high-risk patients and their families.

    The flu vaccine is available in two forms. One of these is the flu-shot, which is an inactivated vaccine containing "killed" viruses, and injected with a needle. Flu shots are approved for anyone over 6 months of age.

    A second option is the nasal-spray vaccine (LAIV or FluMistŪ), which is made with living, weakened flu viruses. This vaccine is approved for healthy people, aged 2-49 who are not pregnant.

    Each vaccine contains three influenza viruses: the H3N2, the H1N1, and one B virus. Each year, the vaccine changes based on international estimations on which types /strains of flu are in circulation.

    Adult Flu Vaccine

    Distribution of adult flu vaccine will be dramatically increased in preparation for the 2014 flu season, with deliveries projected to begin near the end of August. While there is currently no vaccine for the H1N1 flu virus, people who are at high risk for seasonal flu are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated later this year. Nationwide Medical will be offering and distributing wholesale adult flu vaccines, including Afluria, during the upcoming 2014 season.

    Pediatric Flu Vaccine

    For children, the CDC recommends a flu shot every year, from the age of 6 months until their 19th birthday. Vaccination is particularly important for children who are exposed to older family members or caregivers who may be at high risk.

    Many parents choose the nasal-spray flu vaccine, which is recommended for people 2-49 years of age, who are in good health. The CDC and local school districts are working closely together to keep the H1N1 virus from spreading further in the 2013-2014 season, and many districts recommended a flu vaccination in the fall. While influenza outbreaks can begin as early as October, the disease actually peaks in January or later. Pediatric flu vaccines will be in high demand later this year, and Nationwide Medical is prepared to meet our customers' demand.

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